Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Ending!!!

Steve farted out all the air then grabbed onto Shorn they landed on the ground and Steve got ran over by a tractor. Then out of the orange a green meteorite hit Shorn. Suddenly Shorn started shrinking until he was smaller then the normal sized kids he was so angry he turned into The Incredible Halk, but a midget version. After Shorn turned back into his normal self he had all these flappy bits but he didn't care because he used them to fly. 

One day Shorn flew so high he landed on Jupiter aventully the space police found him then dropped him off in Hong Kong. Suddenly Hong Kong Fowi jumped out with his ninja sowed then chopped up a carrot for dinner along with his roast pork. Shorn died that day then he went to heaven and brought 10 hair clips for his master plan the beautiful anator. He was so beautiful he became new Zealand's next top model then he became a singer his first song was Oh Mc Donalds .

One day he sprouted wings along with a halo and a long white dress. Shorn didn't know it but he was turning into a girl he started to play barbies with his best friend forever Jo, she was only 5 but she had big glasses and she always carried her dairy with her in a hand bag she was super smart. She could count to 100 and Shorn could only count to 6. Shorn ate mc Donald chips and then returned to his coffen and went to sleep.The next day the tractor that ran over Steve ran over shorts coffen. 

                              THE END

Sunday, 15 March 2015

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